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NairnFEAMPM is a Mac-only application to create simulations, run them, and visualize them.


The NairnFEAMPM application is finite element and material point method analysis software for the Macintosh. NairnFEAMPM is being developed by Prof. John A. Nairn from the Wood Science and Engineering Department Oregon State University. This application is free but it is a dynamic work in progress as part of an active research program.

If you are not using a Mac, you can do almost the same things using the java application NairnFEAMPMViz.


The application NairnFEAMPM "Universal" Mac app (i.e., runs native on either Intel or new M1 chips). Install by expanding the downloaded zip file and dragging NairnFEAMPM to your Applications folder. This application requires MacOS 10.9 or newer (but is no longer tested below 10.14).

NairnFEAMPM Download Size (MB) Updated
NairnFEAMPM 9.5 - This version is a full-featured version of NairnFEAMPM for running NairnFEA and NairnMPM but it does not contain the binary code engines binaries needed for the calculations and does not contain the xerces library. To run calculations using NairnFEAMPM, you have to check out and compile the source code for those those binaries and install xerces. See application help on "Code Engine Development" for running in this mode. 3.9 12 AUG 2023

I have given up trying to stay ahead of Apple to keep this package easy to use with bundled binaries. Every new MacOS makes it harder and it has now become essentially impossible. Probably the last straw was that it is not possible to provide a parallel version of the software using Apple developer tools. They do not support OpenMP methods for parallel code unless every user installs a compiler, like clang-mp, that supports it and the resulting binaries then need the clang-mp libraries. If you are going to install a compiler, you might as well use it to create your own binaries (the best hack to avoid Apple road blocks). Here are steps to start using NairnFEAMPM to run calculations:

Each new MacOS again tries to stop you running software unless you download it from the Mac App Store. When you first run this app outside that app store, you may get some warnings. Hopefully the only one will about the software being downloaded from the internet. If that is the only one, you should be able to click "OK" and run. You might also get warnings ranging from "the developer is unidentified" to "this might be malicious software." Both are wrong, but if you get them, you can get around these round blocks (for now) by:
  • Control click on the NairnFEAMPM app and choose "Open" from the pop-up menu. You well get the same warning but should now have an "Open" button that will let you ignore that warning.
  • If first option does not work, open the "General" tab of the "Security & Privacy" pane in the "System Preferences" and then start NairnFEAMPM. The "Security & Privacy" pane should have a button to run the app. Also be sure your Mac is not set to only allow apps from the "App Store".

You should only need these Apple work-arounds the first time you run NairnFEAMPM.

Install the Required Binaries
Once NairnFEAMPM is running, choose "NairnFEAMPM Help" from the "Help Menu." You can read the introduction or just click on "Installing Binaries" in the help topics on the left. That help information explains how to install all binaries needed to run calculations.

In the future, you can just download updates to NairnFEAMPM and use it without needing to reinstall the binaries. If the code engines are updated, you can download just the new source code and recompile and they will run in whatever version of NairnFEAMPM you already have. You can even recompile them while running NairnFEAMPM and the next calculations will use the new versions.

Free Registration

The NairnFEAMPM system is free but uses an unlocking code to help monitor its use. By registering you will hear about developments and/or about any problems that might arise. To get a free registration code, use the "Reguest Registration Code…" command in the "Help" menu. A free code will usually arrive by email within a few days. While waiting you can use the application in "Trial Mode."