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NairnFEAMPM is a Mac-only application to create simulations, run them, and visualize them.



The NairnFEAMPM application is finite element and material point method analysis software for the Macintosh. NairnFEAMPM is being developed by Prof. John A. Nairn from the Wood Science and Engineering Department Oregon State University. This application is free but it is a dynamic work in progress as part of an active research program.

If you are not using a Mac, you can do almost the same things using the java application NairnFEAMPMViz.


Starting with NairnFEAMPM 5.1, this application is 64 bit, Intel-only application. Install by mounting the downloaded disk image and dragging NairnFEAMPM to your Applications folder.

NairnFEAMPM Download Size (MB) Updated
NairnFEAMPM 6.2 Full Featured Version - This 64 bit application is the full-featured version of NairnFEAMPM and it contains compiled binaries for finite element analysis and for material point method analysis along with the xerces library (version 3.1.1) that is used to process XML data, but these may not be the current binaries. You can see app help topic on "Code Engine Development" to learn how to work with latest code. This version requires MacOS 10.6 or newer (but no longer tested below 10.8). 6.0 17 NOV 2017
NairnFEAMPM 5.1 App Store Version - NairnFEAMPM is also available on the Mac App Store, but it has different version. The current version in the store is 5.1, and it follows Apple's strict new security rules called sandboxing. See below for what this style means and therefore to determine which version you need. - 24 MAR 2014

After starting the application, please read the help information (in the "Help" menu) menu to get started (including some quick start, sample calculations) and to see "what's new" (for previous users). If for some reason, you cannot get the binaries to run on your computer, you can convert to using external binaries by following the "Code Engine Development" help topic. Using external boundaries also allows you to keep up to date with lastest code engines without needing to wait for NairnFEAMPM application updates.

App Store Version

The App Store version is ready to run and can do both FEA and MPM calculations, but it is sandboxed application. While sandboxing may be a benefit to users for security, it is not fully compatible with some uses of NairnFEAMPM that treat your computer as your workstation for research rather than as a sandbox for play time. The main differences needed for sandboxing are listed below; if you need any of these missing features, simply switch to the full-feature version instead. If not, the sandboxed version should be fine.

Workspace Folder
The App Store version cannot read or write any of your own files unless you grant it specific permission. The solution is for you to designate a workspace folder with that permission. You will be asked to pick a workspace folder the first time NairnFEAMPM is launched. You can change this selection at any time in the preferences window. All calculations should be saved in this folder only.

External Code Engines
A powerful way to use NairnFEAMPM is for code engine development, but running executable binaries in arbitrary locations is a challenge for a sandboxed application. The solution was to eliminate this option for the App Store version. If you want to run external code engines, you need to use the full-featured version.

Background Processes
The full-featured version lets you submit long calculations to background process that will run even if you quit NairnFEAMPM. Creating such independent processes within a sandboxed application does not appear possible. If you want to be allowed to submit background jobs, you need to use the full-featured version. In addition the process info window is only needed for monitoring background jobs and therefore it is only available in the full-featured version.

Although NairnFEAMPM is a scriptable application, it is a challenge to support robust scripting options in a sandboxed application (and python, which I prefer, seems to not be allowed). As a result, the scripts menu is only available in the full-featured version. If you would like to use scripts to control calculations, you should switch to the full-featured version.

Pre-Release Download

The download in this table has the current working version of NairnFEAMPM. It might be useful to those working with latest version of the code binaries when those new features require changes to NairnFEAMPM for best use.

NairnFEAMPM Pre-Release Download Size (MB) Updated
NairnFEAMPM 6.2 Pre-Release - This 64 bit version might be useful to those using the latest code when the above options lack support for the latest features. It requires Snow Leopard (10.6) but is not longer tested before Mountain Lion (10.8). 4.8 9 APR 2017

Note that MacOS does not appear to reliably report the version number (at least on my Mac) when doing "Get Info..." on the application icon. To verify version, you have to start the applications and use the "About NairnFEAMPM..." menu command instead.

Free Registration

The NairnFEAMPM system is free but uses an unlocking code to help monitor its use. By registering you will hear about developments and/or about any problems that might arise. To get a free registration code, use the "Reguest Registration Codeā€¦" command in the "Help" menu. A free code will usually arrive by email within a few days. While waiting you can use the application in "Trial Mode."

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