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This page explain how to download source code from the nairn-mpm-fea project on The single source code package contains NairnMPM, NairnFEA, and NairnFEAMPMViz. After this downloading step is completed, you can move on to documentation for compiling the code engines. If you are enabled to use OSParticulas, you will get separate instructions for downloading its source code package.


You must use git on your local computer to clone the entire nairn-mpm-fea project from To download the latest project, you can clone the nairn-mpm-fea repository using the following command lines:

cd 'Git Projects'
git clone

The first line moves to a folder (assumed to be already created) and the second line clones the repository in a new folder called nairn-fea-mpm inside the "Git Project" folder. You are now ready to work with the source code.

It is probably better to clone using the GitHub Desktop application, which is available for Mac and Windows.

Contributing to the Project

If you might want to contribute changes to the nairn-mpm-fea project, including changes to documentation or the project's wiki pages, or if you just want to have a visible presence in use of the code, you should create your own account on GitHub, fork this project, make changes, and then submit a pull request. More details are given in the GitHub help files.

Work on Project Versions and Branches

When using Git, you have a complete copy on the nairn-mpm-fea repository. You can use standard Git methods to "checkout" the version or branch you want to work on. The details can be found in Git documentation.

Accessing Project Versions on Google Code

You can still check out old version of this project that used be stored on google code, but you have to create you own svn repository and load in the old google code repository. The steps are:

  1. Go to google code archive (if still there) at
  2. Find link to download the source code. Load that URL into browser window, but change the last item from to repo.svndump.gz and download that file (a repository dump file).
  3. Create a new folder (such as in your home directory called "Repositories" and copy repo.svndump.gz to that folder.
  4. Using Terminal app (for Mac) navigate to "Repositories" folder and enter following commands
gunzip repo.svndump.gz
svnadmin create nairn-mpm-fea
svnadmin load nairn-mpm-fea < repo.svndump

The first line unzips the downloaded file. The second creates and empty SVN repository, and the last fills is with the google code respository. You can not check out an revision of this very old code using

If you ever need to check out old versions from the previous code location on google code, you can use

svn checkout --revision 600  file:///(full path to Repositories folder)/nairn-mpm-fea/trunk NFM_REV_677

This option checks out a specific revision number and saves it to folder "rev-677". Change those terms for the revision and folder name you want. Note that to download, compile, and run revisions prior to revision 274, you may would need to revert to old versions of Xerces (version 2.7.x) as well.