FEA Material Models

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Numerous material models are available in NairnFEA.

Define a Material

You create materials using a Material command block. Within that block all material properties are set using property commands. Refer to each material type to learn about its possible properties.

Linear Elastic Small Strain Materials

For solid elements, NairnFEA currently only has small-strain, linear elastic materials.

Name ID Description
Isotropic 1 Linear elastic, isotropic
Transverse 1 2 Linear elastic, transversely isotropic with unique axis in the z direction
Transverse 2 3 Linear elastic, transversely isotropic with unique axis in the y direction
Orthotropic 4 Linear elastic, orthotopic material

Interface Materials

The material in this section is for modeling imperfect interfaces:

Name ID Description
Interface 5 Linear elastic, imperfect interface parameters

Material Class Hierarchy

Materials are C++ classes. The following class hierarchy shows the orginzation of those C++ classes in NairnFEA source code. A material in green is an abstract class that is never assigned to elements. All others are material classes (by their name and their ID in parentheses):

Here are the above material in numeric order by material ID: