Undocumented Custom Task

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If a custom task is available but is unknown to NairnFEAMPM or NairnFEAMPMViz, you can still use such tasks. In scripted files, an unknown custom task name NewTask is scheduled using the commands

CustomTask NewTask
Parameter Param1,(value1)
    . . .

where you provide name of the task and its parameters as required by the task. The name and parameters are all case sensitive (in contrast to known tasks, which may be tolerant of different cases). In XML files, an unknown task is scheduled using a Schedule element, which must be within the single <CustomTasks> block:

<Schedule name='newTask'>
   <Parameter name='Param1'>(value2)</Parameter>
        . . .

The use of unknown custom tasks allows you to implement user-written custom tasks. For more details on writing custom tasks, see the help on developing a custom task.