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This brief help provides guidelines for editing content on the OSUPDocs wiki pages and also suggests styles to keep the documentation consistent. For more details on this wiki system, you can use the links in the MediaWiki Help section.


Sections and Links

The title of each page is the largest section. All major sections on a page are created with

== Major Section == 

Subsections are created with more equals signs:

=== Subsection 1 === 
==== Subsection 2 ==== 

The forms with three or four equals size use slightly different bold face fonts. Pick the one that looks best on each particular page.

All sections are automatically anchors that can be used elsewhere as links. To insert a manual link are any location use

<span id="name">some text</span>

and there refer to it using "#name".


These pages support embedded LaTeX content. The LaTeX content can be inserted using a <math>...</math> element. This content can be inserted within a line or on a line by itself as an equation. The use within a line should be minimized because the LaTeX output does not align well with regular text. When used on a line by itself, the style of these pages is to indent by five spaces, which can be done using


on lines by themselves.

Citing References

These pages support a simple referencing system. To cite a reference one time, insert

<ref>(text to appear in the references list)</ref>

at the location of the citation. To cite the same reference more than once, give an id the first time it is cited and then later cite it with just the id:

<ref name='refid'>(text to appear in the references list)</ref>
<ref name='refid'/>

Finally to list all cited references for the page, include the following section at the end of the page:

== References ==

Editing the Sidebar

To edit the side bar, navigate to the following page

Sidebar editing can only be done by administrators of this system.

Media Wiki Help

The following links are about use of the MediWiki system:

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